Important Applications Of Petrographic Inspections For Concrete Structures

Concrete structures are durable, but they aren't going to hold up forever. There may be a point when damage happens to your own structures. When it does happen, consider using a petrographic inspection. It has a lot of key applications. Degree of Damage You may already know your concrete structure is damaged just by performing a visual analysis, but figuring out the exact degree is a little more involved compared to just looking at structures. [Read More]

Keeping Your Company COVID-19-Free With Coronavirus Business Sanitization Services

When you are trying to keep your doors open and protect your employees and customers, it's important that you follow COVID-19 protocols. There are a variety of products and cleaning services that you can pay attention to when you're looking to get rid of harmful bacteria that spread this virus. Be sure that you use the tips in this article to keep your business safe during the pandemic. What should you know about keeping your business clean enough for COVID-19? [Read More]

What To Know When You Suspect Your Home Has A Mold Issue

Addressing problems and overseeing repairs will be an essential task that homeowners will have to devote a fair amount of time to completing. While this is easy to understand in terms of major structural repairs, there are other problems that a homeowner may not be fully prepared to encounter or address. Mold is an excellent example of one of these problems as it is an issue that homeowners may not encounter very frequently while still requiring immediate remediation. [Read More]

Three Good Reasons To Get Solar Panels On Your Roof

Solar panels can add value to a home, but they can do a lot more than that. If you intend to live in your home after getting solar panels, you can benefit tremendously from them. Here are three of the benefits you can start looking forward to right away. Save Energy and Money This is the most obvious benefit, but still worth talking about. Getting solar panels reduces or eliminates your dependence on outside electricity that comes from your local electrical company, which will save you a tremendous amount of money. [Read More]