What To Know When You Suspect Your Home Has A Mold Issue

Addressing problems and overseeing repairs will be an essential task that homeowners will have to devote a fair amount of time to completing. While this is easy to understand in terms of major structural repairs, there are other problems that a homeowner may not be fully prepared to encounter or address. Mold is an excellent example of one of these problems as it is an issue that homeowners may not encounter very frequently while still requiring immediate remediation.

Myth: Mold Is Only A Problem For Buildings That Have Suffered Major Water Leaks

Individuals will often assume that their property is not at risk of developing a mold issue due to the fact that it has not had a major leak recently. While water leaking in through the roof, walls or other areas can create conditions that allow for mold to grow, this is not the only potential source of moisture for the mold. For example, those who live in humid climates can find that enough condensation forms to allow for mold to grow.

Myth: All Mold Is Largely Harmless

When some homeowners first notice that there is a large mold colony growing, they may assume that it is harmless or otherwise a low priority. In reality, it can be possible for some molds to be extremely toxic. In addition to being toxic to touch, these molds may release toxic gases or spores that could cause severe health problems. As a result of this risk, any mold colonies that are discovered should be tested before you attempt to remove it. This will alert you as to whether it is toxic, which can require hiring a professional mold remediation service to safely handle.

Myth: Home Kits Are The Most Effective Option For Testing Mold

Some individuals may assume that home testing kits will be a cheap and contingent way for them to determine the type of mold that is growing in the home. While it is true that these kits can be extremely low-cost, using them can be fairly risky due to the potential of accidental exposure to toxic molds. Professional mold testing services will have the equipment that is needed to ensure that this testing is done in a way that will be as safe as possible. In addition to reducing the risk of exposure to the person administering the test, these professionals can also minimize the risk of the mold spores being disturbed during the testing process.